Redefining employee transport in the new normal

Organizations with shift-based operational hours rely on us for the management of end-to-end people mobility solutions. We offer extensive strategic, tactical and operational know-how to deliver hygienic, comfortable and safe commute options. This results in increased attendance at work, higher productivity and an overall excellent transport experience even during times of a global pandemic.

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High standards of compliance

Our risk and compliance management processes ensure compliance with all legal requirements as per local legislation and also help to mitigate any risks that might occur while providing services. We are known for driving zero incident oriented corporate compliance culture on customer sites due to our strong corrective measures and penalties in place for effective governance.


Ecological sustainability

We have been recognized by iNFHRA for promoting the use of and implementing electric vehicles (EV) in our fleets thereby helping customers to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact. This ensures achievement of cost reduction and sustainability goals.

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Focus on hygiene, safety and training

Our driver partners are rigorously trained and assessed to ensure effectiveness of our hygiene, safety and training programs. Special focus is on hygiene practices in Covid-19 times, traffic rules, safe driving practices, defensive driving, vehicle handling, use of seat belts, etc.

Driving 'integrated' solutions around fleet, resource, technology and security 

We have a legacy of being leaders in service innovation and, coupled with our collaborative approach, this helps develop a strategic partnership. You can trust us on high levels of transparency and ethical practices in service delivery.

Ownership model

We own all vendor relationships and end-to-end service delivery, while partnering with you to ensure that all your organizational goals of commercial efficiency are achieved. In fact, we are the only service provider with complete ownership of end-to-end process management. We become the single point of contact for you and share your risks, implement dedicated account teams, focus on experience, technology, hygiene and safety to deliver seamless services. 

Integration of solutions

Our solutions include fleet (best-in-class), resources (trained, qualified having strong domain experience), technology (dashboards, user-friendly apps, rosters, etc.), escort security (ensure employees travel safely - especially women with first pick-up and last drop-off). We also support you with business continuity, emergency responses and disaster recovery planning after thorough risk assessments.  

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Effective management of automated, compliant and safe employee transport solutions



End Users



On-time Departures and Arrivals



Reduction in No-Shows


metric tons of combined greenhouse gas & CO2 Emissions Abated Annually


Curating commute experiences

Risk, compliance and governance

Dealing with fleet and driver partners necessitate a high level of vetting and requires compliance with all local and regional laws and regulations. We maintain 100% compliance with 40 parameters per vehicle per month. Our compliance framework revolves around regulatory, statutory and contractual provisions, policy and SOP governance, driver and vendor onboarding, induction, training and audits, data security and privacy, etc. Moreover, our strong governance structure from the operational level to the executive level ensures faster resolution of issues.


Technology enabled solution

Transport automation is an end-to-end technology solution, from 'Booking-to-Billing', to enhance efficiency, accuracy, accountability, sustainability and scalability of the employee commute program. This has advantages for all stakeholders - employees, transport team, supplier, driver, and your organization. The AI based system allows employees to book, cancel, and track cabs; raise alarms with a user-friendly mobile app that also has a backend web portal for admin teams to configure and track trends of the day-to-day people mobility service requests, activities and escalations and routes, fleet utilization, etc.

Parking management

A smart parking system integrated with an employee app that helps drivers find a vacant parking spot using sensors installed in each parking space. This solution uses extremely accurate sensor technology to determine occupancy of the parking lot and helps find parking spaces faster. As a result, CO2 emission also gets reduced. 


People make places, places make people

For us, People Mobility service means partnering with our customers to leverage our state-of-the-art transport management system and provide tech-enabled, safe, reliable, compliant, efficient and effective management of services for our customer colleagues.



drivers managed



vehicles managed



4* & 5* rated journey experiences



trips with security escort guards



reduction in fleet cost

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People mobility

Ensuring safety, comfort and experience

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Implement safe, comfortable transport solutions and your people will enjoy their commute to and from work. We leverage our strong people mobility eco-system to provide seamless transport experiences to our customers employees, manage a strong network of service partners, implement automation and do a lot more.

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