How Accenture and ISS’s Vested partnership drives positive outcomes

At ISS, we believe in bringing ever more value to our customers through truly collaborative partnerships. Our Vested partnership with Accenture exemplifies this approach.

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Equally committed to each other’s success

ISS Netherlands’ relationship with Accenture began in 2005. What started as an input-based, single service solution evolved into an output-based, Integrated Facility Services (IFS) contract. In 2017, ISS Netherlands and Accenture took their relationship a step further, forming a Vested partnership. Vested is a methodology for two parties to create a highly collaborative business relationship with both equally committed to the other’s success. Vested partners create a flexible, outcome-based contractual framework designed to deliver on their mutually developed vision and desired outcomes. 

In Accenture’s case, focus is on employee engagement, absenteeism and employee health. As a partner, ISS works hand-in-hand with Accenture to design services and create workplace experiences that support the customer’s primary concern – employee well-being.  

“How can we make sure our employees work smarter, but not harder?”

Ricco Groeneveld, Workplace Lead BENELUX at Accenture

From experimentation to concrete results

“Working in a highly-demanding environment, our young consultants are under huge pressure”, says Ricco Groeneveld, Workplace Lead BENELUX at Accenture. “From experience and research, we know that being connected to work 24/7 has negative impacts on productivity, employee work-life balance and health. Together with our Vested Outsourcing partners at ISS, we asked ourselves: How can we prevent this from happening to any of our employees? 

“How can we make sure our employees work smarter, but not harder? And how can we create an organizational culture that helps our employees manage their energy levels and health – not only during a workday but throughout their whole career? These questions established a baseline for what we today call ‘Accenture: Be at your best’.” 

The initiative included experimentation with how catering could promote a healthier lifestyle by making fresh, low-fat foods more accessible to Accenture’s employees. Accenture and ISS also created special programmes for new parents to help them create a healthy work-life balance and offered employees frequent health checks, health advice from dedicated consultants, and workshops on nutrition, sleep and relaxation. 

Since initiating the close, collaborative partnership with ISS, Accenture has attained concrete results. Costs have decreased due to lower staff turnover rates and associated recruitment expenditure. Absenteeism has been reduced by 9,000 hours, employee productivity is up by 3%, employee engagement has improved by 8% and total vitality has increased by more than 9.5%. Due to the long-term nature of the Vested partnership, this mutual success is only the beginning.

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