Driving strategic direction via Capital Investment Planning

ISS delivers complex and comprehensive capital projects for clients across multiple locations and large sites in more than 30 countries. Recently, as part of a Capital Investment Plan activity designed for a global key account client in the Industry and Manufacturing segment, we deployed our holistic and integrated approach to asset replacement in each of a global manufacturer’s five large-scale production facilities. 


A proactive and standardised approach

The CIP@ISS (Capital Investment Planning) solution is a standardised and streamlined approach to prioritise capital investments and maintain and protect asset value. It leverages business intelligence and assists both ISS and this global key account client to make better informed decisions, to find greater efficiencies and manage risk more effectively. 

3 step approach

CIP@ISS allows this client to stay focused on developing and executing their core business without disruptions to facility operations, or interruptions to facility users that distract from accomplishing their business goals. With ISS as their partner, they make the right capital investment decisions – at the right time.

ISS utilises the power of CIP@ISS to offer specific and strategic guided recommendations on where and when this client should invest in asset replacement. This enables ISS to develop a facility operating strategy that best balances asset life, value, risk, sustainability and performance to directly connect the total value of ownership to business objectives, like net-zero ambitions.


Total number of assets assessed


High-risk assets identified


million Euro

Total asset replacement value


countries covered 


buildings assessed 

Client example

Fire Safety Systems

This was one of a large number of assets examined to collect information and rank for replacement priority. CIP@ISS expert analysis determined that it scored high (based on condition, criticality and age), and working with this client’s insurance company, ISS built the business case for replacing older systems in order to ensure compliance with all statutory codes. 

CIP@ISS benefits

Forecasting – ISS provides a clear overview of projected budget with a 5 year or greater look ahead. This drives value from the supply chain by optimising proactive efforts, leveraging volume ordering across multiple clients, and synergies with other maintenance and repair efforts to achieve greater savings. 

Client-Driven Project Prioritisation – ISS customises to address each client’s priorities with a weighted system based on: Health & Safety, Energy and Sustainability, Productivity, and End User Satisfaction. This drives efficient and optimal use of available funding to ensure assets that require replacement are addressed first – regardless of their type. 

Capital Programmes Defined by Data – ISS utilises the output to design distinct capital project programmes (by location or by asset type). By assigning project management resources and taking a programme approach to asset replacement, procurement savings are realised, and ISS coordinates onsite activities intelligently to minimise operational disruption. 

Risk Mitigation – CIP@ISS employs a risk-based approach to assign criticality and provide a recommendation regarding assets that need to be replaced to avoid failure and potential business disruption. 

Holistic Portfolio Level Plans – CIP@ISS takes decisions that were limited in the past to expert local knowledge, and provides visibility at a more comprehensive global level.  

Dashboards provide the right level of insights
Organisations need facility asset data to be accurate, timely and at the right level of granularity to be a powerful lever that pairs with their facilities management strategy and objectives. 

Clients can utilise the CIP@ISS tool within the ISS reporting platform, Insight@ISS, to view asset replacement from different perspectives – either based on risk or by timeline. ISS uses the risk-based view to prioritise and manage business continuity and other risks more proactively over time. This can include areas such as lifts, fire safety or critical power. 

A timeline-based perspective makes the annual budgeting process simpler, and more transparent, by highlighting projected investments across the entire portfolio. Detailed information on risk and projected investment allows the client to move to a more granular level if needed, and an ISS account resource is assigned for further assistance. 

CIP@ISS and Capital Projects 
CIP@ISS is a building block of our Capital Projects solution, and leverages ISS’ ability to provide data driven insights into our clients’ portfolios – guiding where and when to invest, as well as when to defer spend to assist clients making strategic portfolio decisions.

ISS’ Capital Projects teams are integrated into the CIP@ISS process to ensure the output can be translated into tangible work programmes – ones that capitalise on the extensive operational expertise ISS has gained from managing thousands of global sites and projects worldwide.  

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