A new foundation for data-driven facilities management operations

ISS has elevated the role that data plays in delivering new contract objectives to grow the strategic partnership with a leading European bank. The transition to ISS’ facility management system, FMS@ISS, at the heart of ISS’ technology ecosystem, has enabled ISS to successfully deploy a robust data strategy.



global assets managed


planned tasks completed since go-live


reactive work orders generated


proactive tasks raised to enhance service and reduce risk

Embedding a culture of data ownership at all levels

ISS operational leaders began by exploring where information originates, identifying data completeness and quality gaps, and learning how to productively use real-time data to drive conversations for this global financial services client:

  • Established ISS’ facility management system (FMS@ISS) as a single source of truth for all property, asset, people, contract scope and planned maintenance, space and location baseline data.
  • Designed dashboards to highlight data quality and completeness gaps to drive continual improvement at site and country level operations.
  • Deployed 29 new dynamic Insight@ISS reports which pull live data and cover a range of role-specific informational needs.
  • Created 13 role-specific report utilisation plans for key global and country stakeholders which highlight the purpose behind each of the dashboards in the reporting suite.


Utilising data to drive new ways of working

ISS conducted training for stakeholders to understand how to navigate dynamic reporting dashboards, so that data quality ownership can be addressed, and leading indicators can be identified. This drives more meaningful operational, tactical and strategic conversations around insights collected for:

  • KPI, operational and management performance
  • Catering and hospitality customer demand and behavior
  • Technical asset maintenance, performance, risk and replacement planning
  • Client workplace experience, feedback and service quality performance
  • Financial budget performance, forecasting and commercial leading indicators


Optimisation of reporting processes to align with new contract needs

ISS and this client jointly interrogated the target outcomes for all reporting requirements and where these data-driven conversations should occur in line with the new governance structure and shared strategic goals. As a result, account management reporting is globally structured, consolidating 123 reports to 81, where 62% of these are pulled automatically from real-time data in Insight@ISS.