ISS HK Apple of the Year Award 2019

ISS HK Apple of the Year Award 2019
Ms. Wong Siu King

Teamwork makes perfect

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“My name is Wong Siu King and I have been working in ISS for over 20 years. I am now working as the assistant supervisor in the MTR contract (Tsuen Wan Line) since its starts. My team is responsible for the station cleaning and support our customers whenever they need us.” Ms. Wong said with a smiling face.

With her competence and sense of responsibility to support one of our key customer – MTRC in the sensitive issues since June 2019, she received the highest number of votes in the opening voting for all ISS staffs and becomes Apple of the Year 2019 of Hong Kong.

As being one of the best railways in the world, MTR has an average daily capacity of over 5 million passengers, which is also one of our prestigious customers in Hong Kong. Due to the large number of service locations and the high volume of passenger traffic at stations, we need our excellence service team to cope with the huge and complicated cleaning tasks. The tense social atmosphere caused by the sensitive issues in Hong Kong has impacted the MTR’s operation and even our service team. A number of unexpected incidents have mandated our team to work overtime or even long hours to support MTR in cleaning and clearing up of the debris of the damages caused by violence.

Many of the incidents happened in Tsuen Wan Line which brought lots of worries to our frontline staff. Ms. Wong has demonstrated her leadership and competence to appease our frontline staff, and organized the team to perform the cleaning tasks in the stations. She has withstood the pressure from the public and difficulties from work, especially after the tear gas fired in Kwai Fong station on Mid August and the 31 August Price Edward station incident. She with her team successfully restores the damaged stations before the next morning.

“Thank you for the recognition and it is an encouragement to me. The accolades credit also goes to my team with is my strongest backup. They are so reliable and willing to take extra step in servicing our customers even in the challenging situation. I believe teamwork makes perfect and we will keep improving ourselves and do our best in facilitating our customers’ purpose.” Ms. Wong said.

Thank you for making a difference to help ISS become the world’s greatest service organization, Ms. Wong.