Darwin Lloyd

Darwin Lloyd’s journey from the Caribbean to the UK: When belief in yourself meets opportunity, it unleashes a remarkable career journey never expected.

Darwin is originally from Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. He completed his studies at 18, and soon after began his first job as a bike salesman. On his very first day, he managed to sell the most expensive bicycle in the store. Darwin realised that his confidence, persuasiveness, and talents engaging with others could take him much further than he thought

Darwin likes to describe his career path at ISS like a rope with no end - no matter how high you climb, there are always more opportunities to progress even further. 

After he moved to the UK, he took on any role he could find, and followed each opportunity as it came. His first job at ISS was in 2012 as a part time cleaning operative, and then he accepted everything ISS threw at him. Soon after, he was promoted to team leader and then supervisor. Darwin credits his quick advancement at ISS to his ease at learning new skills and adapting quickly to new challenges as he worked to his full potential.

Sometimes the opportunities we want, are not where we were born.

Darwin Lloyd, Housekeeping and Mailroom Manager

A manager at ISS encouraged Darwin to try a challenging new role with greater responsibility, and if he was not happy, then he could go back to his old position. Once he decided to give it a chance, and with the support of his manager, teammates, and family, he never looked back. 

Not only did he flourish in his new role, but Darwin was also the main driver in motivating his new colleagues and boosting their morale. His charm and easy-going nature made his team, and his clients, feel great

He soon found his passion in a health and safety apprenticeship – something that wasn’t prominent where he grew up. It is an area where he can make an impact, and he is motivated today by wanting to make sure every employee in his care returns home safely to their family at the end of each workday.

It makes you feel proud when you see where you came from, and where you are now.

Darwin Lloyd, Housekeeping and Mailroom Manager