Sustainability and efficiency through building management

An American multinational information technology corporation asked us to help them reduce their annual energy consumption to be more profitable and to meet their published sustainability goals. They also needed a way to create and monitor a more efficient workplace. Here’s what we’ve done.



buildings monitored with EMIS



square feet managed



annual energy savings



annual utility savings



reduction in hot/cold calls

This American multinational information technology corporation, with a 2018 revenue of ~ $30B, focuses on building an edge-to-cloud solution to help their customers thrive. The customer employs 60,000 individuals globally. ISS manages over 4 million square feet across multiple buildings. 

We supported them by: 

  1. Deploying the “Clockworks” Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FDD) solution across the customer’s campus. 
  2. Bringing previously outsourced work in-house – eliminating subcontractors and providing a more proactive maintenance approach. 
  3. Improving workplace experience by having proactive maintenance done during off-hours to prevent emergency repairs that could disrupt the workforce. 
  4. Performing a daily evaluation of data collected at 5-minute intervals for key energy-using systems and equipment including: 
    • HVAC 
    • Chillers 
    • Air compressors
    • Boilers
    • Cooling towers 

Through the implementation of the fault detection and diagnostic solution, ISS was able to save the customer $372,000 in annual utility costs. Also, through the daily evaluation of the buildings’ performances, ISS reduced the number of hot/cold service calls by 95%, from over 100 per month to 5 per month. During the first year of the FDD implementation, there was an operating expense reduction of 10% across the 5 sites. 

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